About us

Ploberger Modelltechnik

After the foundation in 2018 and takeover oft he products of Kolm Engines GmbH, Ploberger Modelltechnik develops, produce and tests the world´s most powerful RC 4-stroke engines for model flying exclusively at the Attnang-Puchheim location. Our portfolio ranges from small single-cylinder engines with 50ccm displacement, through two-cylinder and four-cylinder flat engines, to four-cylinder in-line engines with 310ccm.

Almost all our employees are also model builders or pilots. They can be contacted directly. They are experts in all questions and requests concerning RC engines. Demonstration pilots test and showcase Kolm Engines products. They also share their know-how with our customers.

The Kolm Engines brand name stands for experience and expertise in 4-stroke engine construction, innovative product development, and high-quality processing at its site in Attnang-Puchheim.

Modular design and one-piece production

Assembled crankshafts

Highly stressed steel components are either quenched and tempered, or nitrided

Crankcases are made of aircraft-grade aluminium

Steel connecting rods mounted in needle bearings

Nicasil-coated cylinders

Microprocessor-controlled ignition system with rpm-dependent ignition timing adjustment

High vertical integration and quality made in Austria

How our customers benefit from our standards:

The World’s most powerful four-stroke engines for model airplanes 0
Unique technology that can offer customized solutions 0
Support for engine installations and cooling air ducts, as well as complete solutions in these areas 0
We design, manufacture, and test exclusively in Attnang-Puchheim 0
We create high-quality jobs in Austria, and add value to the region 0
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